Welcome to D.C.!

Take advantage of our wedding weekend to explore our nation's capitol! We have more information on some of our favorite sites below. Many of these attractions are served by Metro. Use their website to plan your trip or take a walk, taxi, Uber, Lyft or other ride hailing service. 

The Classics:

The Monuments and the Mall: 

The Washington Monument:  Unfortunately, you can’t go to the top of this building until 2019, but honestly it’s probably for the best given that the National Park Service “has not been able to find the cause” of the monument’s elevator issues. If you’ve never seen the monument up close, it’s still worth walking around the base to get a sense of its enormity.

Various presidents:   See Lincoln and his reflecting pool, or Jefferson and his muffin top or FDR and his witticsms. While not a president, the MLK memorial, one of the newest, is also a dramatic tribute to the civil rights leader.  

War Memorials:  D.C. also features tributes to World War II, the Vietnam War and the Korean War.

The Capitol:  Exercise your right as a U.S. taxpayer to walk the halls of Congress!

If you just want a stroll: Walking the mall, or the big grassy area between the Washington monument and the Capitol, is a good way to take in many of these sites.

The smithsonian: 

The best thing about these museums, (including a zoo!) is that they’re free! Stay for as long or as little as you like without the pressure of getting your money’s worth.

Some of Jillian's favorites: The National Portrait Gallery, The American History Museum, the Natural History Museum (can't miss that giant diamond!). We’re also eager to check out the of African-American history museum. If you go let us know how it is!

The local experience.

Iconic D.C. neighborhoods: 

Dupont Circle: Home to one of our favorite bars in the city (don’t judge).

The U Street Corridor: Combines some important often overlooked D.C. history with new, vibrant businesses. It is also the location of Ben’s Chili Bowl, a famous D.C. haunt, which may or may not appeal to you depending on your level of kashrut and tolerance for its previous association with Bill Cosby

Mount Pleasant: Just a great place to walk around.

Head to Georgetown to gawk at beautiful homes and hit those post-Christmas sales.

Hip, up and coming areas:

Shaw features cute bars, shops and cafes and is the subject of many a New York Times profile

NoMa, or North of Massachusetts Avenue, is close to the venue and many of the hotels we’ve blocked. Take it in and don’t forget to visit local chain Busboys and Poets for some vegetarian-friendly fare and progressive books.

Ivy City is the place to go to impress your friends who think they know D.C. but haven’t been back in at least three years. The neighborhood has a brewery, distillery, smoked fish house  and more!  

And of course, Union Market! Sadly we won’t be having our wedding amongst all of the delicious vendors, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check them out. When you’re done grabbing a bite, be sure to snap a pic in front of the many instagram-worthy walls near the market.